Interactive Support Update

Most of you will be familiar with the remote support tool “teamviewer” that FI has used for some time. The makers of this tool have recently updated to a new version, which is not compatible with FI's professional licenses.


To receive interactive support in the future, we ask that all our clients follow the steps below to install the correct version of the teamviewer support tool on their computers.


  1. Go to the FI website at

  2. In the top right corner click on, “Support”.

  3. Click the big blue button labeled, “Financial Intelligence Interactive Support”.

  4. If prompted to run or save the file, select “save”. We recommend saving it to your desktop so you can find it easily.


After the download has completed, run the downloaded file named, “FI Interactive Support.exe”. 

The first time you run this file you will see a window popup asking if you want to run the file.

  • If you click “yes” you will see this prompt every time you use the tool.

  • If you would rather not have to click yes each time, uncheck the box labeled, “Always ask before opening this file”. (These instructions are written for Windows XP, other versions have slightly different text and options)


After running the file, you should see the this window.



The last step is to send an email to

This one-time email gives us the information we need to setup your support account.


Please include:

  • The name of your county

  • The ID number shown in the support tool

  • A unique name that describes this particular computer

               (e.g. John's Desktop, Front Desk Computer, etc)



That's all we need from you. FI Support will do the rest.


Thank you.

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